Michael Jordan

Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.

Robert Ingersoll

The place to be happy is here, the time to be happy is now.

Albert Einstein

Out of clutter, find Simplicity. From discord, find Harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies Opportunity.

Lawrence J. Peter

Speak when you're angry, and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.

Yul Brynner

Now that I'm gone, I tell you; Don't smoke.Whatever you do, don't smoke.

Rose Kennedy

Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.

Barry Spilchuk

The country clubs, the cars the boats, your assets may be ample. But the best inheritance you can leave your kids Is to be a good example.

Maya Angelou

My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and more intelligent than college professors.

Virtual - what?

Is there a catch somewhere? No, there isn't. I am here to listen to you because I've seen lonely lives fall apart. I am here to listen because I know what it is like to never be heard. One day, we could meet in person, if you need more counseling. But for right now, I am your virtual friend.

INSECURITY - are you insecure?

Sylvester Stallone is a magnificent example of a man who learnt to balance on a tightrope. He grew up a loner and emotionally troubled. He changed several schools.

At university, he was tested and was told that he would be an elevator repairman. His father regularly beat him up and kept telling him he was no good.

He advised Stallone to develop his body because he didn't have any brains. When he decided on acting, his life was in a mess from financial to emotional. He faced many failures. He tried everything to succeed.

He was quoted as saying, "Success is usually the culmination of controlling failure." If I had not failed in acting, I would not have got into Hollywood mainstream."

  • He managed to balance the emotional, physical and mental aspects of his life.
  • One night while watching a Muhammad Ali fight, he was inspired to write the script for the film, Rocky, which he completed in three and a half days. He then, told producers that the script was for sale only if he was the hero. The rest is history.
  • Even though he was financially secure, he did not find love. He developed his mind and his spiritual beliefs and balanced his life.

Remember: Combating insecurity will take some decisive steps from you.

HUMILIATION - Are you feeling humiliated?

Dr. Robert Schuller had a dream and the dream was to build the Crystal Cathedral, an incredible building with thousands of square feet of windows which would cost tens of millions of dollars.

Everyone said it was impossible but he wrote his goal down. Then he added a twist to his goal. One of his resolutions was to ask somebody to donate US $1 million. People scoffed at him and the idea.

He refused to give up. He went to John Crean, owner of Fleetwood Industries. To his amazement, Crean just sat down and wrote out a cheque for the money and went on to raise almost US$28 million towards the construction.

Schuller was not satisfied. He went on to ask six more people for US$1 million each. People like actor John Wayne, Bob Hope, owner of Amway etc gave him US$1 million each.

Remember: The key here is that Schuller had a dream and went for it despite the humiliation and insults of the society around him. Are you willing to be humiliated in pursuit of a dream?

FAILURE - Are you losing heart because of your failures?

Thomas Edison is known for his many inventions. Somebody once asked Edison about what he had to say regarding the thousands of time he failed to create a light bulb.

Edison replied, "I have never failed even once." I have had thousands of learning experiments that did not work. I had to run through enough learning experiences to find a way that it did work."

Edison had to go through heartbreaks with his inventions. He didn't let failure daunt him. If he had given up we might not have had electric lights in our homes!

Have you been facing failure. Remember to hang in there. Today's failure might be tomorrow's success.

QUITTING - Do you feel like quitting?

Tom Landry, the football legend, was the coach of the popular American football team, Dallas Cowboys.

  • The first few years were very bleak. The crowds groaned instead of cheering. Losses in games mounted. The public soon made Landry the target of verbal assault.
  • Maligned and plagued with misunderstanding, Landry hung in there refusing to succumb to public stress.
  • The idea of quitting when life was tough never occurred to him. His disciplined determination paid off as his team became a football legend.
  • Now everyone in America calls Landry as super hero. But he has not changed within. He gives his glory to his God and says that the Bible was an inspiration for him.

Feel like quitting? Remember when one door closes, somewhere God opens a window.

FEELING OLD - Do you feel you are becoming old?

Benjamin Franklin, writer, scientist, inventor and one of the greatest statesmen of the American revolutionary era achieved his most notable victories in later life.

At 70, he was a member of the committee that drafted the American Declaration of Independence. He was 75 when he negotiated the end to the War of Independence.

He was 81 when he effected the constitution of the United States into being.

What is the lesson we learn from him. Devote your life to the well-being of others. Find a higher cause, give of self, contribute and continue working.

Remember: No-one is ever too old for anything. Remember you are as old as you think you are.

Mind Bank

MARRIAGE - any problems?

Someone has said that marriage is a perfect relationship between two imperfect people.

ANGER - Did you just lose your head?

Tantrums, irritation, tall tempers, short fuse... no doubt about this one--

DEPRESSION - Are things just not fair?

Remember that depression is caused by genetic factors, environmental situations,

Pick the object that describes you best as you are feeling now: