Virtual Hand

If you've needed guidance for some time now, it is time to find out what went wrong to begin with. Was it a wrong choice of career? Was it a problem parent? A competitive sibling? Write down what you are feeling right now in this phone byte.

Are you wondering what the phone bytes are?

These are small capsules of your thoughts that will reach me, your virtual listener. The options you click at the end of each phone byte will help me understand how I can help you.

Think on this:

Taking a wrong turn in the course of life is inevitable. Who hasn't got lost on a highway or across busy streets? What is important is getting back on track. It is never too late to seek out new roads and better avenues. Think big, think high and you will go far. All the counsel in the world will not help you unless you are willing to take hold of yourself, set standards and get ahead. Remember: the road to success is always paved with sweat, toil and tears.

In so far as anything is unconscious, it is not definable. Since we cannot possibly know the limitations of something unknown to us, it follows that we are not in a position to set any limits to the self. (Carl Jung, psychologist).

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