Virtual Hug

Is loneliness killing you? Has depression caught you in it's grip for several weeks? Write down what you are feeling right now in this phone byte.

Are you wondering what the phone bytes are?

These are small capsules of your thoughts that will reach me, your virtual listener. The options you click at the end of each phone byte will help me understand how I can help you.

Think on this:

Depression can be slow poison. It begins with feeling blue and goes on to full fledged grey. There is a sense of hopelessness in the air. Everyone else is doing well, why not I? Everyone is make giant strides into the future, why not I? Why am I always left behind? Sound familiar?


We can control our thoughts which in turn will handle our emotions. Depression is the easy way out. Smiling is the braver option.

If tears were indelible ink instead of clear fluid, all of us would be stained for life. But life with all its pressures and inequities, tears and tragedies can be lived on a level above its miseries. (Charles Swindoll, author)

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